1st Week in Roatan ✓


It is incredibly hard to believe I am here.

To travel with my parents and enjoy their company in paradise is a gift!

One week down!

The best is yet to come!

The day before yesterday as I rode back from the Odyssey Wreck Dive my eyes welled up with tears because I couldn’t believe how lucky I am. Even with the pain I carry about not having V with me every day, and not seeing him grow up with my care, I am in this amazing place, with amazing people, doing amazing things.

Yes, I know I am overusing the word, but this is simply amazing.

The Universe has sent me signs since I arrived that this is the right path- LOVE YOUR LIFE- read the magazine on the plane to San Pedro Sula. My room explicitly has told me to demand EUPHORIA in life.:)

My arrival was smooth, flights were really cool! Especially the small plane! I was picked up by a Subway Watersports Staff Gentleman who was really kind and told me about what to expect when I got to the house. He didn’t warn me that Kiri, Hanna, Jordan, and Noelle would be beautiful young women that are powerhouses.

Let me just say, when you travel you meet really amazing people, this trip has been no exception. I know already, that I will have friends that will last a lifetime in this bunch. They are brave, kind, outgoing and ready to conquer the world.

The also fed me since I had no groceries and that was awesome!

Like clockwork, every day we get picked up around 7:30 am and head to one of two shops. We started at the shop at Frenchies 44, which is really quaint and cute. Most like it less because you have to carry everything to the boat quite a distance, but as a newcomer, I had no idea- so it was perfect!  My instructors are Liam and Arturo.

Liam is a cool cat from New Zealand that has a beautiful hearty laughter and a keen sense of humor that is underlined with sarcasm. He is very kind and has a beautiful love story with his partner Heidi. He is an amazing teacher and has a passion for diving that is contagious. He is a bad ass, period. I really look forward to learning from him.

Arturo is dreamy. His Argentinian accent kills it. He is really specific and has a keen sense of order and responsibility. I see him as the elder that watches over everyone and makes sure things run smoothly. He also has a very interesting story as he has resided in Roatan for ten years. He is paced and calculated in his work and has many layers to uncover.

I have been fortunate to go driving every day, twice if not three times and seen amazing marine life.

I also decided to collide my two loves for the pic above on International Yoga Day (June 17th)

The truth is I have come quite attached to the underwater world and developed a greater sense of responsibility towards it in the last week. Towards the environment in general (we just started a recycling bin at the intern house). It hurts me to see how we are killing the most beautiful parts of our world and not thinking twice about it. I guess I have been in a developed world haze lately and thought that I was doing enough… I guess this is a really beautiful wake-up call and an opportunity to embrace any chance I get to help while I am here.

Luckily, I also see people who are actively trying to make things better. Today I took the day off since mom and Joe are heading out tomorrow morning. We cruised through the town- because you honestly need a car to get around the island- and I spent way too much money are Mares for gear. (Safety first!)

I decided to go into the Roatan Marine (I can’t remember the name but its a center to preserve the marine life) to learn more about the Coral Nursery Project Subway is part of, and we, the interns, get to participate in by cleaning and upkeeping the space. I was really surprised to hear that the project was started by a nonprofit whose aim was to have locals trained to upkeep the spaces so that they actively safeguarded their heritage. The idea is that the shops would actually pay them a bit more to upkeep it and in exchange, tourist would pay a bit more to see it. It should be a symbiotic relationship, nonetheless, Ryan, a marine biologist that leads a group of locals, explained that lots of shops don’t want to pay the workers and because of it, the nurseries are dying. I got his number and I hope to help him out as much as I can while I am here.

This place has a way about it. It isn’t like Holbox or any other place I have visited. There is a je ne sais quoi about it. Hopefully, I will be able to verbalize how it makes me feel over time.

So, back to the nitty gritty. I live with some fantastic people that need to be noted:

Sam, from Montreal. He is the perfect mixture of calm coolness and strong silence.  Brett, from California. Whitty and sly with a big personality that is intriguing because he is very to himself.  Jordan, from Austin. A bubble of energy and joy that is fierce and unstoppable- she is authentic to who she is without asking for permission for anything.  Noelle, from Alberta. Intelligent, responsible and reliable (check out her blog, www.reallychristmas.com ). She is the one I would let babysit Vicente along with Lydia, also from the States, and Michael her boyfriend. Both amazingly open to the world and the experiences it has to offer. Kevin is Micheal’s brother and he is tuned into life on a yogic level. His girlfriend is a yogi and he has a calm demeanor that makes you believe that everything will be ok. Hanna, from the States, an honor role student who is super kind and silently persistent on the righteous path.  Chris, from Austin- an advertising guru who could sell a pair of shoes to the owner of Payless. Very focused and determined he leads by example. Finally, Erven, who I called Ervey for the first 5 days- an adrenaline junkie who does crazy things, and also a really caring person who has a giant heart. Those are my roomies 🙂 Pics will come soon 🙂 I care about each of them in a very unique way and I have started to notice that I look out for them when we are in the water, always counting to see if they are there and ok- they all have more experience than I do, and are much younger ( I am by far the oldest here). But if you are reading this, there is a good chance you know me and would expect that to happen 🙂 Denia is also in our class but she doesn’t live with us, she is just innocence and beauty- loving and affectionate, makes me feel at home.

I also need to mention the staff at Subway, starting with Darren the, owner to Phil, a very funny man who teaches the IDC and all the guys who are captains and divemasters.  They will probably never read this blog, but for my own sake, remember Gordito, Prima (because we share the same last name), Dario, the man with the kind eyes and the one with the fun smile 🙂 I hope to get to know them better and their stories so I can share them with you.

—- ……—-

Mom and Joe just headed out from the house. Seeing them leave is so bitter sweet. I know they are off to a new adventure in Prague and I am staying here for my own little run in the sun 🙂

I love them so much!



Highlighted Experiences:

Diving in Roatan is the best diving experience I have had. I love it. The water is perfectly refreshing without being cold and the water is beautiful and clear.

Yoga on the beach in Roatan: A+ we have started a Subway interns Yoga Club! lol we go down to the beach near our house and do a little over an hours practice every other day at sunset!

Eating dinner at Ibagari with George and Arleth (the owners of the beautiful cabin where my parents stayed). 


Spending time with my rock, my parents:



I am going to get to studying now, thank you so much for reading. Please comment below if you came and gave this blog a visit!


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  1. You really are loving life!!!! (And you picked one of my favorite songs for that video.) keep on with your AMAZING self

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