Goodbyes, Mooring Lines & Required Safety Stops


The last week came with tears and laughter. If you know me, you know how for me, tears are cathartic and a great way to cleanse the soul.  They also go perfectly with   “the cure for anything saying” which I have been actively partaking in since I have been here.

Noelle, my roommate left the house to return to Alberta and seeing her go was hard. I realized that I have often left places and people that I love, probably more than being left. Each time I go somewhere and love hard I leave a part of myself. I leave a mooring line to me.  If you don’t know what a mooring line is, it  “refers to any permanent structure to which a vessel may be secured”. In life, we are all vessels… imagine this a huge human heart above the earth with lines reaching down to different places. Each of them is a link to a person or place that means something.  I like to imagine myself that way- these lines are like veins that give my life meaning. I am no one without those I love, so being able to add to my list my fortuitous chance is an amazing gift.  A month ago I had no idea I would be with the people that surround me now, a year ago I didn’t think I would be here in Roatan doing this course. #blessings

This trip I have added to my list of people I love from around the world. Not only with my super cool housemates – which I have mentioned in this space before-  but we just got two super sweet humans in the house Jordan (from Ohio) and Calv (from Melbourne Australia). Every person I have met has an amazing story. I could go on forever but it isn’t my place to tell you theirs.  I have also grown really attached to the captains at the store and the staff. There is one special character called Kiwi or Mandela who has as heart as big as his voice. He is such a good person and such a loud person. His melodic ruckus is something else- he goes from song to yell to a song to storytelling in an instant.   He takes care of me and makes me laugh- when I am sad from missing my baby- he literally wipes my tears and says “Amo’ no llores, todo va salir bien” (lov’ don’t cry, everything will be ok). There is something really beautiful about having people with no vested interested love and take care of you. I also have a soft place in my heart for “grandpa” – whose name I really don’t know- he brought me a mango and calls me Julia sometimes, in his eyes- he holds the ocean. You see they are dark as night, but around them, there is a circle of blue. My grandpa had eyes like that too and my uncle, from years as maritime fishermen. It is nice to see an ocean in someone’s eyes, it’s an entire lifetime by the sea. My grandpa was my first love. I thought if he wasn’t around I wouldn’t be able to survive, I feel really connected to him when grandpa here tells me stories or does sweet things.

This is all such a beautiful adventure. I have enjoyed diving daily and seeing my classmates graduate and do their snorkel tests. There has been a bit of debauchery and fun. I am constantly learning new things- I Love it!

I am taking a piece of scuba wisdom with me to land: The 3 minute 5-meter (15 feet) safety stop.  I believe that had I enforced this rule in life prior to being here, many arguments would not have happened, many issues would have been diffused and life would have probably been a lot easier. Let me explain, on the ascent we make a safety stop that is 3 minutes long and we have to stay 15 feet from the surface. If in life we did this when we felt a passionate outcry due to anger, fear or hurt. I think it would give us time to process our emotions. Mind you, each step is important- one has to stay quiet, 15 feet away and hold tight for three minutes to process the emotion. Recently, under water, I was frustrated with someone because of a very silly thing, but at the moment had I been on land I would have said something in a not so cool tone, the safety stop was exactly what I needed. So I am adding it to my toolbox. 🙂

The night has now fallen and there is an amazing full moon. If you read this tonight- go outside and check it out. You know if you are a mooring life for me 🙂 so if you need me just give it a tug 🙂


Thank you for reading. So much love your way!



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