June 13, 2017

And so I go.

Powers that be:

In this amusement park called life,  

I am officially getting off the roller coaster and heading to the water park 🙂

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Where did this all start? 

Epilogue: Going Back to my Dreams 3, 2, 1 After losing E. I began brainstorming ways to help myself heal. I knew yoga would help, but I wasn’t able to get on the mat. I knew reading would too, but I couldn’t open a book.

How would I get there?


Page 1. Getting There: Roatan on a Budget  Honduras is a Caribbean destination popular with outdoor explorers. High Season is from December until February. To get the best deals, visit in the spring or fall.

What would I bring?

(this will be updated upon arrival- I might have added a few things the last two days… )

Page 2. The Things all Divers Need?  It has been six years since I have been diving. What has changed? What do I remember? What do I need?

Page 3. What to Pack for 10 Weeks in Roatan When it comes to packing, we tend to go overboard. For the most part, it has been my experience that I take a lot of things that I don’t use. For my trip to Roatan, I wanted to make sure I was a savvy packer.


 1st Week in Roatan ✓:  It is incredibly hard to believe I am here. To travel with my parents and enjoy their company in paradise is a gift! One week down! The best is yet to come!

I Got B#$%slapped by a Jellyfish (2nd week ✓)
Since I got my new equipment my diving has been off. First, the mask almost gave me a panic attack 40 under because it was too tight (thanks to Arturo for saving me), then the next dive it was too loose, then the third dive the wetsuit was a nightmare (thanks Liam for help with that)….

Three Weeks Down (Almost)- 33 Dives Stronger
The last week has been eventful in many ways. I completed the Rescue Diver Cert, started the Wreck Diver Specialty and the Divemaster Program. There is a continuous learning curve….

Make sure to bookmark this page! I will update it weekly with pictures and stories 🙂