Epilogue: Going Back to my Dreams 3, 2, 1

After losing E. I began brainstorming ways to help myself heal. I knew yoga would help, but I wasn’t able to get on the mat. I knew reading would too, but I couldn’t open a book.

I was literally stuck.

So I went back to my dreams.

I am not sure when I decided that I wanted to do three things:

  1. Get my Ph.D. before I was 30 – check
  2. Get my 200YTT  before I was 35- check
  3. Become a divemaster before I was 40- pending

It was clear! I had to get started on following my dream of being a divemaster.  I began the process of finding out: when? how?where?


ASAP. If I could be there already, I would. The good thing is that just knowing that is my next step has provided the avenue for me to start reading again & I have started yoga!

The healing is happening!


United has great flight prices from Houston- San Pedro Sula. You can then get a flight from San Pedro Sula to Roatan. Start with a search on Kayak. You can also take a bus and then a ferry from Ceiba to Roatan. Check out this post for more information.

Where am I getting certified?

Subway Watersports. Here is the information for my program:

Start date: June 15th (but they have monthly start dates)
Length:  8-week internship
Fees: $2790, plus a $655 PADI fee and material charge.

What is included:
* Pick up from the Airport or Ferry port
* Accommodation in Subway’s intern house in the town of Brick Bay
* Transportation to and from the dive resort on training days
* Unlimited diving during your courses
* Staff lunch at the resort
* Equipment rental
* PADI material in your language
* PADI AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Course Certification (a $100 value)
* Mentorship and instruction through your courses
* Huge discounts on all PADI Speciality Courses
* Huge discounts on retail dive equipment

What will I be doing during my PADI Divemaster Internship?
* Meeting and greeting guests during pick-up and arrival at the dive shop to helping with equipment set up and problems on the boat and underwater
* Working with local staff
* Learning Garifuna (¡ya hablo español!)
* Operating different types of compressor systems as well as doing basic tank inspection and maintenance such as changing burst o-rings, etc.
* Boat management:
* Learning how to properly set up your boat, manage different conditions, moor up to various lines and docks, and properly brief guests on boat safety procedures and safety guidelines.
* Dive equipment repair and management
* Responding to emergency situations
* Diving with Caribbean Reef Sharks (Carcharhinus perezi) at the Roatan Shark Dive’s site “Cara a Cara”, which means face-to-face;
* Diving and exploring all of Roatan’s many shipwrecks (The Aguila, The Odyssey, The Prince Albert, Mr. Bud, etc.);
* Diving on both the north and south shore and explore even more dive sites!
* Getting my Lionfish Hunting Licence and my own Hawaiian sling spear.
* HAVING FUN! Enjoying watersports and outdoor activities during my free time and days off. Watersking, wake boarding, knee boarding, tubing, banana boat riding, kayaking and snorkeling, are just the activities we offer here at the resort.

Stay tuned for more about this journey in upcoming posts. My next post is about getting ready for my internship: check it out 🙂


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