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It has been six years since I have been diving. 

What has changed? What do I remember? What do I need?

Can I do this?

In moments of doubt, I remind myself, I can do this.  Anyone can do what they put their mind to doing.  The truth is, sometimes we just need to make a few things happen to make us feel safe and confident.

The best way I know to be safe and confident prior to any unknown experience is to ask questions and do research. As a teacher, I know no question is stupid. I tell my kids that all the time!

In the last weeks, I have repeatedly reached out to the contact person at Subway Watersports with inquiries to find out details about the program. I want to make sure I know where I am going, who will be there and what the expectations are once I arrive. There are going to be a lot of things I can’t control while I am there, so knowing my weekly schedule, where I will be staying, and information about the course is a such an easy confident boost! When it doubt – reach out!

I have also done A LOT of research!

I checked out forums and blogs about Roatan (here are a two I really appreciated: “Ten things I wish I knew before I moved to Roatan”, “10 things to do in Roatan Bay”. These blogs and the information I know about the specifics of the program made me feel really excited.  An adventure was calling my name and I am ready to explore and play and…. OH! Wait! It hit me, I had signed up for fun and games AND some hardcore studying-  I am going to Roatan for an internship to become a divemaster, maybe even an instructor… 6 of 7 days of my week I am going to be working in this program and diving, hopefully, from day 1 on….

I got nervous again because I want to be an A+ student and for that, I need to not just want to go explore Roatan and all its beauty but feel prepared to be a full blown student again.

Back to research! I am thankful to the numerous bloggers out there that have paved the way with great advice! I have not opened a dive book, or read a diving blog in years, so I knew I had to get ready. I discovered three things that make me feel safer in the water and more confident academically.

  1. A diving watch:  I got a deal on amazon $59 (now $145) for the Momentum Woman’s Quartz Stainless Steel and Rubber Diving Watch, Color: Black (Model: 1M-DN11BB1B)

Why buy a dive watch?

“Contrary to some misconceptions, the bezel does not track the amount of air in the SCUBA tank. The bezel allows a diver to twist the bezel so that the arrow, or descent marker, aligns with the minute hand. As time passes, the minute hand is read against the bezel markings to quickly tell elapsed dive time. Knowing his depth and this time, along with the no-deco limit for his depth, a diver can safely carry out his dive.” Read more here.

2. A dive computer, specifically the Cressi Giotto Dive Computer, Scuba Diving Instrument Black / White w/ Watch Stand for $299 through amazon

Why buy the dive computer?

“The dive computer is probably the most important safety advance in the sport. Much more important than a snorkel, and arguably more important than an octopus, a dive computer is often considered mandatory equipment today. Virtually all divers now use dive computers to make diving safer and more enjoyable. Why not establish that practice from the beginning?” says CEO Bret Gilliam. “Dive tables have simply been supplanted by advances in technology.” Read more dive updates here.

3. The Open Water Diving Training Guide to review. I purchased it for 5.99 at Half Priced Books

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) suggests that divers who did not dive in the last six months should take a refresher course. Read more about it here. I don’t want to use “Roatan-Time” to study and review, so I am going to my own personal refresher course prior to going!

The trip is a month away. Next to get packing- oh! I have a blog post about that too, Packing Do’s and Don’ts !

If you have any advice or questions, please let me know.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Check out my previous post on getting to Roatan on a budget.



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