Healthy For Life: How Not to Die

Let me preempt this blog post by saying, I love my body, I love my scars, I love that every moment millions of different neurons and receptors make magic happen, literally something divine happens in every instance of the day so that I can walk, talk, laugh, and LIVE. I am not ashamed of my body, but because I love it I want the best for it. I only have one and this one has already been through the wringer.

Now, to the good stuff, I feel the topic of this blog underlines a journey many people are currently navigating, have navigated or are constantly navigating. The latter is my truth. Finding the sweet spot of healthy eating and ongoing fitness. My rollercoaster is consistent:  I am at ideal weight by the end summer and then slowly get to my peak weight through Fall – Winter- Spring- Summer – leaving me back where I started.

Maybe it is the warm weather? Traveling abroad? Walking everywhere? Not being stressed about menial issues of everyday life and work? I am not sure what but I know I come back feeling amazing and looking amazing!

I want optimal health to be my continuum, not only because it makes sense, but because I want to stay healthy and never have C visit me again. I am already devoted to a few things: eating organic, non-GMO, non-processed foods. I do however eat meat, occasionally drink cider, wine, and vodka, and definitely don’t move my bum as much as I should. Partially my lack of activity is because life gets in the way and, mostly, because I let that be an excuse.

I know that my time in Roatan will get me back to A+ but for the next 24 days, I want to get an early start with a commitment to following a few basic tenants outlined in the book “How not to die” by Michael Greger, MD. & Gene Stone.

The truth is I DO NOT want to die of any cancer and I know there is a correlation to the amount of energy I put into my health habits and my cancer not reoccurring. You know this too!

This incredible book has so much information it can be overwhelming. It is my goal to make it accessible to the reader and provide a quick reference.

The book is divided into two parts; the first provides dietary advice on how not to die from certain diseases, the second outlines a list of 12 foods that are essential for your wellbeing. Let’s start with interest to the general public and something we can all start doing immediately.  We should be consuming approximately 2000 calories per day. Of those calories, the book highlights, that you can eat as many as you want from Unprocessed Plant Foods, you should slow down Processed Plant Foods and unprocessed Animal Foods and you should put a hard stop to Ultra-Processed Plant Foods and Processed Animal Foods. The goal is to move towards a whole-food, plant -based nutrition. Ask yourself “has what you are about to eat had something bad added, or something good taken away?” If so, reconsider what you are about to put in your mouth for something that may be a whole pure food. It is really quite easy 🙂

How to begin:

Pick three meals you already enjoy every week that. Readjust to take away anything processed for something not / less processed. Ex: take away meats add veggies, or just add veggies! Do this incrementally.

You can get super creative and learn very cool alternatives to the wrong foods you are eating right now and start eating the foods that will help you have a long healthy life! For recipes check out these sites:

The book outlines 12 everyday foods that are awesome for you. They are technically not grouped properly, but it makes sense because of popular associations. I have downloaded the app “Dr.Gerger’s Daily Dozen” where there are details associated with each of the categories. Here is what you see:



You can buy, “How not to die” on amazon. It has SO MUCH more information about everything above, but it can be overwhelming so I hope this breakdown is a quick easy way to get started. I do acknowledge that Yes! there are lots of books about diets and exercise, but this one was an instant New York Times Best Seller and all proceeds Dr. Greger receives from all book sales are donated to the 501c3 nonprofit charity!

Now, are you ready?  You have a list of good foods you can eat, the amounts, a few websites to get creative with recipes and hopefully the will power to give it three days. Yes I mean THREE DAYS.  I know that I start to feel pressure and I am very hard on myself if I start to do something and don’t complete it. That is why with this program I am going to do it for three days at a time. Since I have exactly 24 days before I leave that is eight sets of three days!

I encourage you to post in the comments section and commit to a healthy lifestyle change with me!

We can do this!

Ps: On drinking … Don’t do it… but if you do, make it a glass of  RED WINE

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