On Your Graduation Day

Here is to you, my love.

You have already gotten through so much baby and now you are graduating.

I remember when I picked you up from the hospital, you were so little, so frail. You held my finger on our way out of the NICU, your grip was strong and it lasted all the way to the car. I knew you would conquer anything you set your mind to, that you would have a will that could move mountains.

You have grown into a beautiful young man, your help people that need you, you are wise beyond your years, you love so fully. I can’t count the people you have impacted through your journey in this world.

Oh, my baby, you grew up so fast.

I knew I loved you before I had you, but I never expected to lose myself to you.  I can still feel my heart in my throat when I think about the beautiful moments you have given me. I am so proud of you today, today and always. We all are.

As you walk into adulthood, I want you to remind you that life isn’t always going to be kind, you need to have people around you that are trustworthy, empathetic and positive. Your true friends are the ones that walk in when everyone else walks out.

You are stronger than you think. When you fall, take a minute as you get up to wipe your wounds- they are there and they need to be loved. If they leave scars, wear them with pride.

Life will hit you, hard, it will take your breath away and you will think it will never come back, but suddenly just in the same repetitive motion in which the ocean waves hit the shore, your lungs will fill again.

Take calculated risks, follow your heart, act with purpose, give so many hugs – people may not ask for them, but they need them.

Cherish moments, not money.

Laugh often, and if you haven’t heard that musical symphony come out in a while, search for it, find laughter on your journey.

Don’t wait to say I love you if you feel it, say it, and don’t expect it back. Love is a gift- you receive as you give.

Believe in the impossible, you are mine.

Cry if you have to, tears don’t compromise your strength, they are cathartic, and the soul’s way of letting go.

Don’t be upset if you are afraid, it is the only way to truly be brave.

Whatever you decide to be, you can change, there is no manual or rule to adulthood. Reinvent yourself as often as you want, always keep learning.

Travel! Travel! Travel!  Take the uncharted path. We can only truly know who we are when we are outside of our comfort zone.

Take care of yourself. Make sure you practice care for your mind, spirit, and body.  You need to be able to bend with life’s twists and turns, not break.

Remember to love the life you live. No matter what happens to you, go back to your center and know that loving life is easy if you realize that the sun is always shining, even when there are clouds cover its rays or night has fallen.

Know that you are my greatest love, you changed my life in the most important way possible, I learned to hold everything with an open palm, even if it was the most painful. I learned to trust the journey and not worry about the destination.

I love you.

We love you.




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