Three Weeks Down (Almost)- 33 Dives Stronger

The last week has been eventful in many ways. I completed the Rescue Diver Cert, started the Wreck Diver Specialty and the Divemaster Program. There is a continuous learning curve that is really exhilarating and brings about a ton of confidence. I also tried diving with a shorty and figured out the buoyancy. Small victories go a far way 🙂

I am consistently in awe of Arturo and Liam’s knowledge and experience. They are both really great instructors that have really different styles. We also got to meet Holly at the little party we had on the beach yesterday and she is as kind as she was in her emails. (Holly, is the lady you email to get into the program.)  I highly recommend this place :), in case it isn’t obvious.

The house has grown by two wonderful humans. Dimitry and Tegan. They are both starting off with their Advanced Open Water and are fun to be around. He is French is she is British/American. The family is just that, we all have our different ways and sometimes emotions run high, but in the

This little dive family is just that, we all have our different ways and sometimes emotions run high, but in the end, love finds a way through the clouds and clears the air and peace reigns. I consider myself lucky to be around them. I am learning so much from each of them, they have a lot of wisdom to offer. Some have experiences that I can’t even imagine and travels I have only dreamt of pursuing. It gives me so much hope to see young people following their passions and stepping away from what might be the norm.

We have a natural alarm clock that I want to remember- he is the cover for this post. He is a beautiful rooster with a lovely morning schedule.  He and his girlfriend go on walks and I am convinced his waking up everyone in the house is a way of impressing her 🙂

Love is flourishing in the house- which is beautiful to watch. The development of couples brought about by timing, luck, and hope. I love love love, love. I love how it makes people smile, how it brings about so much joy and laughter. It makes me so happy to be able to witness it.

The hardest part of being here is not being with my baby, luckily mom has been able to take him for a bit and I was able to talk to him and see him in all of his wonder. He is growing up so fast and in so many ways I am missing it. My heart is in the constant battle of being torn between staying or going. I already have my ticket home- August 30th.- His birth mom and I are planning his birthday, which will be September 9th. I am ready to hold him and put him to sleep, sing to him and play with him. I look forward to showing him this beautiful world we live in and helping him learn to appreciate nature and protect the environment.

Life here is a bit different. I don’t know what’s going on in the news, I don’t worry about driving anywhere.  The simplicity is really beautiful. We dive on the daily and become a closer as a team. I can’t imagine seeing some of these humans leave as they finish their courses.  I know we will stay in touch and meet up again, but I don’t like goodbyes.

Buying my ticket home was easier than I thought, mostly because it is bringing me back to my baby. Then I will have to figure out the rest of my journey as it is finally coming together with the sale of the house. In December, just at in time for new years, I am finally moving to Spain.

It is interesting how I promised myself not to think about anything but the present while I was here. I guess it is not in my DNA.  Somehow making plans and keeping myself open to change is the way I roll. I have enjoyed each moment, even when tears rolled down my cheeks, I am feeling everything fully, processing it and holding on to what is good in the moment and releasing what isn’t.

I am going to get back to studying. Today has been a lovely day off spent reading and working on cool class projects for next week. I am looking forward to penetrating this wreck 🙂 and starting to give briefs 🙂

I have been posting pictures on my Instagram feed:

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Thank you guys for reading! Please comment and let me know you were here 🙂

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