Why do a #Yogachallenge and Post Pictures? #becauseyoucan

Recently, I have seen articles about how posting your exercise routine or yoga practice can be a sign of psychological problems, or how women are objectifying themselves and feed into a system that puts unrealistic pressure to look a certain way. If you believe that, ok. I am not trying to change your mind. I am just requesting you consider that when it comes specifically to #yogachallenges on Instagram you contemplate my top three reasons for loving  #YogaChallanges:

1. They Dismistify Yoga

2. Show Women All Shapes & Sizes

3. Make Yoga Accessible

Not many people can afford yoga classes and for lots of men and women, it is intimidating to think of even starting a yoga class. We have all heard “I can’t do yoga, I can’t even touch my toes when I lean over”. Initially, most people don’t start yoga for personal growth, they start it because they need to have a stronger core, or want to lose weight and tone without the rigor of a gym. Nonetheless, yoga gives us no choice put to focus on that very instant, that pose, that moment and it happens to incite a meditative state that can sometimes lead to incredible moments of holding space for,  being with and recognizing yourself.  Then suddenly you can accomplish things you didn’t think you could. The magnetism of yoga and its breakthrough moments, physical or mental, are many times inspired by people out there that may not even know they are doing exactly that.

In moments that I am stagnant and I feel like I can’t think in positive ways. I find a #yogachallenge .

Yoga, it isn’t about touching your feet it is about what you learn on the way down 😊  

My latest #yogachallenge, was started late and has been completed early, it is ##YogiFriendsAmongUs . I decided to start it this morning and contact Gretchen because she is who resonates most in my life around things yoga. She is one of my top yoga inspirations. She is beautiful, funny and laughs at life and Yoga 🙂

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Join me on my next one! #halloweenqueensslay Oct 24th-31st

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