The failure of #MeToo, if it stops at the #

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been flooded by #MeToo. Woman/men standing together in acknowledgment that they too have been victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment at the urging of actress Alyssa Milano, who on Sunday suggested that women write “me too” if they’d been the victimized.

Alas, thousands have posted, and personal narratives have been exposed in order to find an underlying problem… that everyone already knew existed.

It is impossible that upon reflecting on the experience of being a woman in the USA we are not able to see that in the last year sexism, which is embodied by the chosen leader, has had a huge societal unearthing and become one more headline.

Check out Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place

Each time you post #MeToo, you connect as a victim with thousands of woman/men. Instead of just posting #MeToo why not post of how we have overcome it-   #MeTooNoMore.  In no way does this mean you did the wrong thing- but it is about reflecting and learning. Let’s change for growth! If you were helpless, how can we help the help people not feel that way? Let our experiences as victims become the voices that stop this from happening again.

Help rewrite the story from now on.

Do not participate from a space of being powerless.


Being victimized does not define me. I’m not going to let the actions of others define me. Saying “me too” also doesn’t change anything that has happened. But turning it around and reflecting on how I can respond next time does make a difference.

How to get to #MeTooNoMore:

***** Heal on your own time and your own way**** Thank you, beautiful soul, on facebook that reminded me of this 🙂

  1. Know you are not helpless and there are laws in place to stop sexual harassment
  2. Document & Educate: As soon as it happens, write down: when, where and what happened exactly. Directly address it and educate the person that did it:  “It isn’t acceptable for you to say those things, it is a form of harassment” If the response is “it is a joke”, you can now clarify you don’t like to be joked with in such a manner.
  3. Speak up:  Literally with your voice, contact HR, your direct supervisor and let them know what has happened (with your detailed documentation) and ask for sensitivity training.
  4. Contact Organizations like the YWCA whose mission is to eliminate racism and empower women. Through advocacy and local programming, they aim to create real change for women, families, and communities. They offer workshops for women to find the courage to speak up against situations in which they feel uncomfortable.

If you have any other insights on how to get to #MeTooNoMore please comment below!

Let’s invigorate and teach each other how to be agents of change! 


— I have added on to this article and taken out throughout today. I just changed the title and added ” if it stops at the # ” I’d like to clarify:

  1. My story and my experience have made me stronger. I want to help women feel empowered too.
  2. I hope the stories I have seen alongside the #metoo, as well as the #, are not forgotten in the next weeks.
  3. I plead that we stop hiding behind a # and make connections with our communities to incite change (mentoring programs, teaching, stopping it when we see it, giving people the tools to stand up for themselves)

Final comment: 9:32 pm October 16th, 2017.


  1. I understand that saying #metoonomore is an attempt to fight back BUT it sounds like victim blaming. “what you should have done, what you could have done” It is NOT the person being harassed or assaulted’s fault. If someone is sexually harassed or assaulted, that does not mean they did something wrong. Something that they should have been able to correct. Saying what YOU should have done, what YOU could have done implies that it is.

  2. I also want to say… after thinking about it….. It may be an issue of language. I just think I want the language to be one of hope- all be it unrealistic and idealistic- instead of just an agreement that it has happened more than it should and leave it at that. I strongly believe that when we tell our stories and how we have overcome moments of trial, we lead by example and help others have the strength to act in ways they feel powerful and not powerless.

  3. I have read your concerns of the #Metoonomore and I wanted to assure you from someone that has been there, and done that-has taken positive action to help victims/survivors of domestic violence and abuse. Please visit my website and see all the wonderful and empowering educational and healing we have to offer. I pray that all of those that need help, find the help they need. Do not make your abusive life, your “normal” life. We can help you create a new healthy life. You are so loved and valued, and your story may uplift or encourage others in similar situations. I have found my purpose in life to help, serve, educate, empower, and nurture the victims/survivors from their past, and look forward to a violence-free future!! I am the proof that there is a better life for you!

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