Turn That Frown Upside Down #lovinglifeiseasy

We all have rough nights. Yesterday was one for me. I am caring for an elderly puppy and he isn’t doing all well. Sleep was intermittent with fear of him maybe crossing over, or peeing on the bed. I was in his kennel until midnight, but I heard him cry. I went to get him and he trembled, I can’t imagine knowing you are sick and not being able to say anything about it. After two more rounds of trying to mend his discomfort 6 am came and it was pointless to sleep anymore.  The day greeted my mood in par; the cold fog caressed the street as I tried as hard as I could to stay grounded. My emotions didn’t quite stay leveled and the flood of different reasons I could possibly be sad made the tide rise and tears flowed. I cried for NYC, I cried because of the environment, I cried because our world is so broken in so many ways. It is moments like these where I give myself a hug, a big giant hug that says cry it out. It is ok, tears don’t compromise your strength, you’ve got this and… went straight back to bed to hide under the covers. I used to give myself a day to recover, a pitty-party day or in kinder words, a day of self-care, a day to just be. I still recommend it, but since being a mom I realized those days aren’t that practical. And now, even though I don’t have him anymore, I have learned that if you can’t take hold of the reigns of your life without losing a day you will never get back, it is probably better.

I finally got out of bed by inciting crazy laughter, as a result,  of pranking my Laura, the eternal sunshine giver and laugher inducer that I call my roommate.  I didn’t even need to see her reaction to what I sent her to trigger laughter. Then I did yoga. I got up and I went through eight sequences of Surya Namaskar A.

Yoga has this amazing ability to put things in perspective. It made me take a new stance on the day and transformed how I felt by releasing emotional toxicity. The truth is that yoga allows you to readjust your life so that you can bend with the ebbs and flows, instead of break.

…when we feel sad, we will tend to droop in our shoulders, cast our eyes downward and drop the top of our chest. This is a posture of sadness, so to speak, and while the posture expresses the feeling of sadness on one level, it does not express the sadness in a way that releases the feeling. When we move our body in the other direction, for instance by bringing the shoulders back, opening the eyes wide and lifting the chest, the opposite postural stance many times creates a release of the feeling. I had a teacher who called asanas “the postures of happiness” but there is a little fine print with that, in my experience, because when we adopt a “posture of happiness” many times we will have to face the sadness that lived in the habitual posture…-  Christina Sell

I also believe in the value of sweating it out! So after yoga, I headed to the gym to detoxify and work out with my amazing trainer and friend. With a call to my mother in the middle in which we both cried and processed life together.

It isn’t just one thing that can make everything ok, it is a mix of people, actions, and reflexions that hold the ability to transform the perspective of what you see your life as at any current moment.  This is a lot of responsibility but it also gives a lot of freedom.

Here are a few ways that I go from Drag to Fab 🙂  I hope they can help you during the emotional holiday season.

Physical Activities

  1. Get outside for a walk
  2. Dance (anywhere)
  3. Hug a tree
  4. Redecorate your room
  5. Organize your closet
  6. Go swing on a swing at a park
  7. Practice some Yoga (you knew it would be here)
  8. Go to the Gym (if possible find someone you care enough about that keeps you accountable)
  9. Take a relaxing bath
  10. Give/get some hugs!

Mental Activities

  1. Read a great book/magazine
  2. Disconnect from social media
  3. Do some DIY
  4. Get in the kitchen and cook something new
  5. Write yourself a love poem
  6. Volunteer
  7. Organize your pictures and create a scrapbook
  8. Count your blessings
  9. Make a list of people that you need to show some love to
  10. Write the above some letters/emails (Giving is receiving!)

Emotional Activities

  1. Cry it out/ scream it out/ run it out/ box it out – let it go.
  2. Avoid triggers
  3. Do a simple candle meditation
  4. Surround yourself with people that love you and see you
  5. Actively work on seeing the beauty in the present moment
  6. Take deep breaths
  7. Eat energizing healthy foods (Gobi berries!)
  8. Watch your favorite or show – always a plus if it is funny
  9. Write affirmations and make them visible around your home
  10. Remember this too shall pass


If this spoke to you in any way, or you think someone you know can benefit from it, please share 🙂


Life isn’t perfect, but it is beautiful.  #lovinglifeiseasy




  1. Eres preciosa, inteligente y tienes dones humanos que el dinero no puede comprar. Siempre te he dicho que eres especial y unica. .ademas de ser muy valiente y dedicada ,Te quiero porque eres tu, porque eres mi BABY y porqe eres mi nieta la cual adoro. Todos en la vida llevamos golpes, disilusiones y a nadie le faltan sufrimientos por una cosa u otra, pero debemos de siempre vivir con la fe y la esperanza que todo pasa y que despues del temporal viene la calma . No pensemos dos veces en decir te qiero, te extrano , dar un abrazo.porque muchas veces no se nos presenta otra oportunidad .Apeciemos los que queremos , la familia que siempre esta ahi para nosotros, los amigos , aquellos que son fieles y no nos abandonana en los momentos dificiles de la vida

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