Tips To Start 2018 On The Most Beautifully Positive Note

2018 is days away and we can take some action around starting it on the most positive note. The ability to let go of 2017 and everything prior to it- that might be hurting or weighing you down – is a powerful tool to realize you have. We all have the ability to let go!

If life is a journey, we don’t know the roadmap or the destination. We hold the wheel…. BUT we also have access to the radio station and the AC. We may not be able to control a lot, but we can control our attitude on the way there. So, gear up, and take note of these simple ways to change the way you interact with the world around you from the inside out.  Let’s pick our favorite song, blast the ac (and roll the windows down LOL) and take hold of the wheel! Let’s make 2018 the best year yet!


1.Talk to yourself like you do a child you adore 

Would you ever tell a child you love; You are fat! You need to exercise more! I wish you had those eyes or that hair. You should be smarter! You have a horrible memory!  No, you probably wouldn’t because when you love people they are perfect the way they are, you don’t want them to change. You encourage them to grow, not through unhealthy comparisons but through love. So there you have it- when you hear your inside voice making comparisons or saying nasty things- shut her/him down by embracing the opposite!



2. Stop actively having negative conversations


We all take risks, some of those are calculated, some not so much. We all have doubts and fears, but we can’t let the conversations in our brain stay there and make a home. When life gives you lemons (which it will), see the blessings the lemons are bringing- strength, courage, determination. You can either react to what is happening with fear or know you have 100% track record of overcoming all the previous obstacles- think about that, you actually do have 100%!



3. Don’t worry about the small shit or the big shit 


Worrying will never help you. It doesn’t fix anything. You can worry about the small shit, or fix it. The big shit, well your worry won’t help make it go away, so you might as well practice unattachment and let life flow. If you feel the anxiety or worry creeping up refocus your energy to list the beautiful things around you!



4. Set goals

Goals are steps to dreams. You have to set SMART goals. If you haven’t heard about smart this is what it means:

Specific- Simply written & clearly defined

Measurable- Tangible evidence you are on the right path

Achievable- They should be challenging but not impossible

Results Bound: Measure results not intention

Timely:  Make a timeframe that creates a practical sense of urgency



5. Have your own space and time


There is nothing wrong with having time alone. It is a healthy expression of taking time to be with yourself to get to hear your own voice, soul search, recover, rest, revisit and BE exactly who you are without any attachments to what people may perceive and the thing you are or expect you ways you are expected to behave. Don’t ever apologize for this space, having it makes you a happy and healthy person.





6. Make a gratitude list 


We tend to take a lot of what is amazing around us for granted. How often do you feel grateful for the heat? the light? the food on the table? It is really a great idea to do check in at least once a day to list what we are grateful for and write it down. Days when we may struggle to see the sun through the clouds these lists can be a reminder of how blessed we truly are.





Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you feel it could benefit someone in your network, please share it!

Happy Holidays!


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