Homeschooling in the Covid 19 Era 

In all of the homes of the world, parents are dealing with figuring out how each of our children learns. Remember, we are not their teacher so they are not going to act as they do at school, now should we expect them to. It is ok to look for resources and not follow what teachers are sending home to the  We need to modifying class lessons to fit our kid's emotional, physical and creative needs.


 It is a stressful time so make sure you take it easy. There is no such thing as perfect.  


My son is three and the activities below are focused on his age group and based on what they are currently doing in school. When I find new activities I will upload them :) 

Prior to exploring them, I have a few bits of advice. 

- Don't go over 1.5 hours of dedicated "work time"

- Include videos and music

- Have various mediums to practice writing (chalk, paint, pencils, crayons, cutting shapes)

- Have class time in the same place daily to establish consistency. 

- Let kids choose the order of the day- Do they want to trace or count first? Let them have some control. 

- Have fun with them! 



Window Art 

Mondrian Window Art from What Do We Do All Day?

Handprint Suncatchers from Homegrown Friends

Stained Glass Painting with Bottle Lids and Wax Paper from Happy Hooligans

Abstract Window Art from And Next Comes L

Oil Suncatchers from Meaningful Mama


Staying Active with Vocabulary 

Depending on the age and vocabulary of your children. They can start with vocabulary words that are shorter and practice spelling while staying active! 

L- Pretend to jump rope for a count of 20 

O-Walk backward 20 (my kid counts to 20!) steps & hop back

V- Flap your arms like a bird 20 times

E- Walk like a bear for a count of five


Obstacle Course 

Construction Paper Crafts 


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